Bye Bye Birdie: 5 Pigeon Control Products

Anyone who’s woken up too early from pigeons cooing knows how much of a nuisance these birds are. But did you know pigeons do more than breed and make noise when they move in?

Their droppings are acidic and lead to the degradation of building materials. Pigeons are also a health concern. Their droppings can also easily become breeding grounds for fungal infections.

Struggling with pigeon control at your home or office? Read on to learn which 5 products will get those pesky birds moving out ASAP.

1. Electric Tracks

When looking at pigeon control products, consider an electric track. You can install electric tracking on any ledges and nooks where pigeons are settling in.

The electricity running through the track is non-lethal, but it is uncomfortable enough that pigeons won’t want to stay. It’s also not something they can get used to as it’s always going to be uncomfortable.

2. Metal Spikes

You’ve probably seen these before on buildings and roofs. Metal spikes are an efficient way to remove free places for pigeons to settle and start breeding.

But keep in mind, spikes can be unattractive to look at. Due to this, spikes are often the best option for roofs and eaves when choosing a pigeon deterrent.

3. Gels

Gel serves as a pigeon repellent because they won’t want to build a nest or roost. Pigeons don’t like how sticky gels feel when they land. If you use a gel, you simply apply it to the areas using caulking tools.

You do need to be careful with this method, as too much gel will trap pigeons on your building. If you use it as directed, it will last for 3-4 months in rain or shine.

4. Reflective Discs or Rods

Pigeons don’t like reflective surfaces. They scare when they see shiny discs or rods, particularly if combined with motion. Finally a use for all your old CDs!

Bird control products don’t have to be complex to be effective. You can hang CDs or reflective disks from trees or windows. When the wind blows, the shininess and motion will spook pigeons and deter them.

You can even buy longer reflective scare rods to hang up. This method works best when you have enough sun and wind to keep the discs moving.

5. Netting

You can use netting to cover nooks and crannies in your building. Unlike spikes, netting is a more subtle and elegant way to deter pigeons from roosting.

If you’re looking to install netting, it’s a great idea to work with a professional. You’ll want to find a pigeon and wildlife specialty pest control company.

They will know how to install netting properly. They can also advise you on combining methods to speed up the process.

Pigeon Control for Your Building

Now you know how to get rid of pigeons. No more droppings exposing you to illness and damaging your property!

You can start with simple solutions. And if your pigeon control tactics don’t work you can scale up you can combine methods or consult with a professional.

No matter which option you use, your pigeon problem will soon be a distant memory.

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